About Cnoti and Imagina

Innovation company dedicated to Technology Enhanced Learning on the edge of developing basic cognitive skills and advanced content visualization. Our goal is to provide integrated and specialized solutions for teaching and learning including software, hardware, training, monitoring, evaluation and certification.

Founding year: 1988.


To help children, young people and educators to think, learn and interact with emergent technologies, valuing their multiple intelligences, critical sense, networking learning, creativity and imagination, promoting participation and inclusion.


To develop and improve tools, contents and contexts for children, young people and educators based on the concept of technology enhanced learning, emphasizing intuitive and multimodal interfaces.


In everything we are involved, we inspire ourselves in our set of values: authenticity, talent, autonomy, creativity, collaborative networking learning. These elements create the ambience to innovate and release each human being’s potential.
We develop an organization focused in the human being and in the community, privileging inclusion, diversity, ecology and participation.


  • PME leader status assigned by IAPMEI – Portuguese Institute for Supporting Small and Medium Companies and Investment (2008)
  • LIREC project (2008-2012) European research project within FP7-ICT
  • Art3D project: creation of a new line of multiplatform and multilingual software (2006-2008)
  • Company case study in the field of “Technology Enhanced Learning” published by the Network of Excellence Kaleidoscope (January 2007)
  • Company elected with 2 innovative products between 30 presented at the IST2006 event in Helsinki, promoted by the European Comission (2006)
  • Technical Innovation, Research and Development Centre (NITEC) approved and supported by ADI (Agência Nacional de Inovação – National Agency for Innovation) (2005-2008)
  • Training Centre certified by DGERT (Direcção Geral de Emprego e das Relações de Trabalho – Directorate General of Employment and Labour Relations) to undertakepresence and on-line training courses (since 2003)
  • Multiple educational products evaluated and recommended  by the Portuguese Ministry of Education
  • Innovation and Excelence Coimbra 2003 Award (1st place)
  • Member of the International Scientific Committee of EUROLOGO – International Organization for the Research of Application of the Emergent ICT in Education
  • Founding member of the Network of Excellence Kaleidoscope

Main skills

Development of interfaces and 2D and 3D interactive multimedia applications for formal and non formal learning contexts; design of interactive virtual companions ; computer interaction and narrative; training contents and methodologies; interactive technologies and educational robotics.

Main markets

Portugal (1989), Brazil (1993), United Kingdom (2001), Angola (2010).

Business units

  • Educational software presented under the registered label Imagina: www.imagina.pt
  • Software and Hardware for Special Needs
  • Hardware and Interactive technologies
  • Continuous Professional Development and Training: formacao.imagina.pt
  • Research and Technology Development

Research projects

For more information about Research Projects, check webpage: www.cnotinfor.com/research

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