You can find here some important aspects of the Company’s resume. You can download the full version in pdf format, by clicking this icon:  .

Imagina Brand

imagina-logo-small The Imagina® brand signs all software and interactive technologies that Cnotinfor brings to the educational market and reflects its commitment to promoting tools instead of tutorials, contexts instead of contents. With Imagina® software, the challenge is to create and to build and not limit oneself to the consumption of pre-packed digital contents.

Cnotinfor and other partners founded Edimagina – Educar com Imaginação, Lda. This company intends to have initially a strong international presence in the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries, to make the transference of knowledge from Cnotinfor to the different and specific educational realities of those countries and regions, allowing them to become independent and have a sustainable development.


Award Coimbra Inovação e Excelência 2003 (Coimbra Innovation and Excellence) from Câmara Municipal de Coimbra – Our town’s City Hall (1st place).

Research & Development Projects

2008-2012 LIREC: LIving with Robots and intEractive Companions (FP7-ICT EC Project)
LIREC aims to establish and study the way human beings can create long-term relationships with robots and virtual companions (including memory, emotions, cognition, communication, learning, etc.) and the implications it may have in designing, building and usability of interfaces.
2007 CNOTI case study: about knowledge transfer from Universities to companies and educational communities, conducted under the Project Network of Excellence Kaleidoscope
2006-2008 ART 3D: Ambientes enRiquecidos pela Tecnologia (Learning Environments Enhanced by the Technology): Project co-funded by the PRIME programme. New methodologies of software development were introduced with a multi-platform e multilingual approach; libraries and APIs for 3D visualization and interaction, speech and sound recognition and more transparent and intuitive interfaces have been developed.
2005-2008 Clube ET – NITEC (Technological Innovation Centre): Project co-funded by ADI – Portuguese Innovation Agency.
2005 Coordination of the project “Desenvolvimento Inclusivo e Deficiência no Brasil” (Inclusive Development and Disability in Brazil): Project funded by the World Bank: .
2004-2007 Network of Excellence Kaleidoscope (EC FP6): EC project focused on Technology Enhanced Learning with other 70 institutions, mainly Universities, all over the Europe (from 23 countries). Cnotinfor was responsible for the area of Technology Transference in the work group Academy-Industry Digital Alliance Strategic Group. .
2002-2004 COLABS (EC FP6 Minerva): EC project co-funded by Programme Minerva about virtual collaborative learning laboratories, in a partnership with Eötvös Loránd University, Informatics Methodology Group, TeaM Lab (Hungria), Comenius University, Faculty of Mathematics, Physiscs and Informatics, Department of Informatics Education (Slovakia), Logotron Ltd. (UK), OEIiZK, Centre for Informatics and Technology in Education (Polónia). .
2003 Coordination of the project “Educação Inclusiva no Brasil” (Inclusive Education in Brazil): Project funded by the World Bank and Disabled People´s International (Japan). .
2001-2003 À Descoberta de Coimbra (Discovering Coimbra): Project of a multimedia learning environment for discovering the History of Coimbra, awarded by I National Contest for Educational Software of the Portuguese Ministry of Education / Programme Nónio.
1999-2001 Playground for Learning (EC FP5): Research Project co-funded by the EU i3net initiative – programme Esprit about modelling and constructing rule-based games by children, in a partnership with the Institute of Education of London, University Comenius of Bratislava, University of Stockholm and Logotron, Ltd, Cambridge, UK. .

Educational software titles

2011 Pequeno Mozart (Little Mozart) - application available in Mac App Store and also foi iPhone and iPad in iTunes App Store, in English and in Portuguese

Já Está 2 – Desenhar (My First Tools 2 Paint), Já Está 2 – Escrever (My First Tools 2 Write), Já Está 2 – Gráficos (My First Tools 2 Chart) and Já Está 2 – Contar (My First Tools 2 Count)- applications available in Mac App Store, in English and in Portuguese

Point – software for symbolizing text in any webpage, using the symbol database that has over 10.000 Widgit Symbols for Literacy

2010 Little Bridge (from the British company Manic Monkey) – 3D environment for learning English according to Cambridge ESOL

Brazilian Portuguese versions: Comunicar com SímbolosinVento 2 and Aventuras 2

Jogos da Carochinha(Fairy Games for Children) – interactive games with animated songs and stories for developing basic skills

Book Piolho Zarolho e o Arco-Íris da Amizade (Louse-Eyed and the Rainbow of Friendship) – first book written with Portuguese Symbols; story from the writer Lurdes Breda; project accomplished in partnership with APPACDM (Portuguese Association of Parents and Friends of Mentally Disabled People) of Coimbra

2009 Já Está 2 (My First Tools)– new enhanced version, multiplatform (Windows, Mac and Linux), built to fit perfectly on small and big resolution screens; renewed interface and contents; new features, like sending the work done transparently to any email address. This product is also available in USB device.

Aventuras 2 in USB device- The product Aventuras 2 also works now directly from an USB device, with all the portability advantages it has.

Comunicar com Símbolos – Portuguese and Brazilian version of “Communicate: Symwriter”, new enhanced version  of “Writing with Symbols”, from Widgit Software. The most intuitive software for any age people with special communication needs.

Pen USB Incluir+ 1 – An electronic book “As TIC em Ambientes Educativos Especiais”, plus several resources for special needs education.

Pen USB Aprender+ 1 – 16 games for developing core competencies on kindergarten and Primary Education.

2008 O Pequeno Mozart (Little Mozart) – ART3D project co-funded by Programme Prime

Laboratório Virtual de Física and Laboratório Virtual de Química (Virtual Laboratory for Physics and Chemistry from Crocodile Clips) – translated and customized for European Portuguese and Portuguese Curricula with the cooperation of Mocho project from the Department of Physics, of the University of Coimbra.

2007 Mapa de Ideias (Portuguese and Spanish) – original software from Spark-Space, UK

Sopa Decimal (Fractions) – developed under the EC project CoLabs.

2006 Floresta Mágica II (Magic Forest II) – New enhanced version of Magic Forest; launched simultaneous at Portugal and UK.

Dragões e Companhia (Dragon Pathways)– launched at Portugal and UK.

Ilha das Algas Mágicas (Magic Island) – Co-developed in a partnership with International Amnesty.

2005 inVento (Communciate: inPrint) – Editing software with symbols and TTS for main schools and also for SEN in partnership with Widgit Software (Cambridge, UK)

Aventuras II (Adventures II)– software for learning reading and writing skills in main schools and for students with dyslexia and other Special Educational Needs, in partnership with FENACERCI (Federação Nacional de Cooperativas de Solidariedade Social).

Escrevendo com Símbolos, Intercomm e inVento (Writing with Symbols, Intercomm and inPrint), Brazilian Portuguese versions.

2004 À Descoberta de Coimbra (Discovering Coimbra)

Book “Micromundos AIA”, in a partnership with ESE de Paula Frassinetti, co-funded by Programme Nónio século XXI

2003 Escrita com Símbolos (Writing with Symbols)– in a partnership with FENACERCI and Widgit Software (Cambridge, UK). First software launched in Portugal with a European Portuguese TTS (Text to Speech).

InterComm – in a partnership with FENACERCI and Widgit Software (Cambridge, UK).

2002 Imagina, cria e constrói (Imagine)– Author multimedia software from Comenius University launched in several countries in local language.

Já Está (Early Essentials) – launched at Portugal and UK (by Logotron)

2001 Tobias, O Palhaço (Thomas, the Clown)

Floresta Mágica (Magic Forest), developed under the Playground EC project– Programme Esprit i3net, in a partnership with the Institute of Education of University of London, the Comenius University of Bratislava and other partners.

Book and CD Rom “TIC na Educação” (Tecnologias da Informação e da Comunicação na Educação – ICT on Education) – Award from Instituto de Inovação Educacional (Educational Institute of Inovation).

2000 Toon Talk
1999 Espinafres para a Criatividade (Speenach fro Creativity)
1997 Desafios (Brainteasers)
1996 Aventuras no Mundo das Palavras, dos Sons e das Imagens (Adventures on the world of words, sounds and images) – Co-funded by the Portuguese Ministry of Education, Núcleo de Ensino Recorrente / Iniciativa Now
1995 Megalogo – launched simultaneous at Portugal and Brazil.
1993 WinLogo – launched simultaneous at Portugal and Brazil.
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